For automatic cutting of Pet-Food into UNEVEN product sizes.

To final slice/cut of pre-cutted Pet-Food Meat after Steam cooking.

To obtain irregular cutting of the pre-sliced Steam cooked meat the line is equipped with one rotary knife slicer.

The system is placed after the elevator feeding Pocket Filling machinery in order to slice and distribute directly into the MultiheadWeigher. This system will reduce the sticking of small pieces of product to the feeding elevator.


Up to 800 kg/h – dependent on product size.

Knife distance: variable from 5 to 60 mm

Knife diameter: 100 mm


Frame, support and guide-rails manufactured complete in stainless steel.

One Belt conveyor equipped with one removeable Rotary Knife Head.

Belting of food proof PVC -color white- with built in strengthening fibers.

  • Length of conveyor: 1.500 mm
  • Width of conveyor:   350 mm
  • Height of conveyor:  1.500 mm (app.) from platform floor

The Rotary Knife slicer Head -placed at the discharge end – is mounted into a removeable frame for fast and easy exchange/removal of slicing head.

Distance between each knife made by removeable plastic distance rings.

The slicing head is equipped with one plastic “Comb” to ensure no product.

Sticks to and between the rotary knifes.


One gearmotor with fixed speed for the conveyor and rotary knife.