For processing of emulsified meat mix for Pet Food Chunks

STEAM TUNNEL COOKER/COOLER for processing of emulsified meat mix for Pet Food Chunks

Capacity:  From 500 kg/h to 2000 kg/h

Model: DT – SAC

The Steam Tunnel COOKER//COOLER Includes:

  • Automatic meat mix distribution by DT Product Extruder/Distributor
  • Possible fast exchange of Matrices/Mold for different product size
  • Teflon Belting in Steam Tunnel
  • Automatic Cover Lifting System for Steam Tunnel
  • Built in CIP System for Steam Tunnel
  • Automatic temperature/Steam control
  • Microprocessor Controlled Cooking time and temperature
  • Menu-controlled fully adjustable cooking time
  • Evaporative Air Cooler for ultrafast cooling/drying
  • Separate belt conveyor for Evaporative Cooler
  • Covers for automatic lift system in Cooling Section
  • CIP in Cooling System
  • Rotor Cutting System for air chilled product Chunks
  • Full automatic cutting adjustment for two separate length of “Chunks” – simultaneously
  • Full automatic oscillating length cutting of chunks – if wanted
  • Microprocessor Process Control


  • Steam Tunnel equipped with duplex extruder, each with separate raw material tank, making it possible for two color final product.
  • Both extruders/product distributors placed into moveable frame at the front end of Steam Tunnel to ensure fast changeover of Matrices/Mold for different product dimension as well as to provide possibility of emptying each tank directly into collection box below.
  • Easy changeover Teflon Belting ensures NO product sticking to the belt as well as makes it possible to run ½ capacity on one side of the belt, without sliding of belt to one side.
  • Electronic belt adjusting ensures the Teflon Belt long life operation.
  • CIP – Rotary pipe equipped with flat spray nozzles for both cooker/cooler connected to CIP tank with re-circulation pump, static filter and temperature regulated steam heat injector
  • Motorized Cover lifting system to facilitate very easy inspection of sanitation
  • Temperature and cooking time are monitored by built in strategical placed electronic sensors and belt-speed adjusting detecting inverter.
  • Separate Evaporative Cooling Tunnel with plastic segmented belting for condensate removal as well as transferring of air to outside room/building ensures dramatic temperature reduction.
  • Discharge End mounted with “RotorCut” rotary knife cutter with twisted cutting knife to cut different dimension of “Chunks” during operation.

Control functions:

Complete programable push-button keyboard to microprocessor with digital Display. Integrated mechanical as well as electrical SAFETY system of the Cooking/cooling tunnel. Operation of the Steam-Cooking and Air Cooling Tunnel one Menu programable Microprocessor by attached Touch Screen including Memory for storing of Data and various previously programmed Menus.


Steam/Evaporative Cooling Tunnel manufactured complete in stainless steel and/or food approved plastic – components