DRYING of Packing Material


Moisture can give unwanted problems after packing of products into cartons/film-wrapped trays or bags in form of mold, rust and collection of dust.

Therefore DANA-Technology has developed a DRYING MACHINE for AIRBLAST-DRYING OF STAND UP POUCHES, where the bottom section can hide moisture due to the pouch design.

The DRYING MACHINE is divided up into more lanes to ensure enough drying time of each pouch.


Pouches are distributed and fed automatically into the DRYNING MACHINE, where they are positioned  vertically with the bottom downwards.

In this way the pouches are using less space and air-blast from high pressure fans will be able to remove the last moisture from the inside part of the pouch -bottom.

Discharge of pouches follows automatically from the DRYING MACHINE into one lane feeding the packing machine.