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General for all equipment – click on each topic listet below,  or download as a PDF-file for print here


All products are usually stainless steel 304 or food approved plastic material.


  • Engineering
  • Production, Pre-mounting & First tests of the unit Dana Technology
  • FAT
  • Manual in English
  • CE documentation
  • Maintenance manual i English
  • Spare part list

Before a production of any unit is started, a final drawing will be sent sent to, from your named employee for approval. After validation of the drawing, the unit will be manufactured.


All positions will by priced for each position in a specific document for a project. All prices are exclusive of start-up and running-in and exclusive of installation, all building works and materials.

Electrical services

The electrical equipment is incorporated into one or several control panels and is supplied to the extent required for the proper operation of the delivered machinery.

Motor protection switch and contactors for the supplied motors.

By supplying complete Lines

Operator interface featuring start/stop button, selection of plant operating mode, and the necessary feedback from the plant.

Emergency stop function selected on the basis of a risk evaluation of the supplied machinery. The emergency stop function is prepared for the connection of external emergency stop functions.

Position sensors, solenoid valves and other electrical equipment necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the plant.

Installation and cabling of position sensors, solenoid valves and other electrical equipment (excl. motors) mounted on the machinery. Cabling only includes the termination of the mentioned components in a suitable number of junction boxes fitted to the machinery

Not included

Consequently, the following is not included in our supply:

The supply of and installation of supply system (cables, piping) for: Electricity, steam, water, compressed air, refrigerant and product are NOT INCLUDED, unless specifically mentioned for each pos. no.; however, each machine is prepared with flanges (when required) for connection to separate pipes.


As agreed in an contract presentations or as below.

  • 40% down payment on receipt of signed order confirmation.
  • 60% secured by Letter of Credit to be paid against simple commercial invoice as well as presentation of shipping documents.

Delivery terms

  • Ex works (EXW) Tommerup, Denmark according to INCOTERMS 2010.
  • Shipment: App. 3-6 months from date of order or after agreement.


3 months from this date. Please be aware that a budget quotation is indicative and not binding on our part. We await further specifications on actual product, process and further conditions for making a firm and binding quotation.

General conditions

  • According to ORGALIME S2012 S.
  • Special terms and conditions


  • 1 year, parts only.
  • Work hours, transportation, Packing, not included.


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DK-5690 Tommerup

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