for loading of cartons/plastic boxes on pallets.

PALLETIZER – Model PT8 – for loading of various sizes cartons/plastic boxes on EUR pallets – formatted loaded based upon DATA by the Micro-Processor in associated software – programable by Touch Screen.

Capacity:  app. 400 cartons/h

Palletizer includes:

Pallet Magazine for 20 Pallets

Automatic infeed of new empty pallets

Automatic infeed of cartons/boxes by integrated belt- and roller conveyors

Automatic working Picking Tool with combined pressure side-holding and top vacuum suctionfunction to ensure safe handling of packing.


Automatic X-Y vertical/horizontal moving of robot-arm equipped with height-detecting sensor and above mentioned picking Tool attached for formatted positioning of packings on Pallet.

Automatic infeed of Anti-Slip paper directly from Roll of integrated Wu-Cut machine with possibility to select sheet of paper between each layer or only at pre-programmed layers.

Automatic discharge of loaded pallets on roller-conveyors

Semiautomatic vertical plastic film stretch wrapping machine – Model Rotoplat 708 PDS – with rotary table and equipped with film clamp and cut unit with spreader to ensure film tail is adhered to the pallet.

Control functions:

Complete programable push-button keyboard to Microprocessor with digital Display.

Roller conveyors for transfer of empty/loaded pallets incl. accumulation of 2 (two) loaded pallets.

Integrated mechanical as well as electrical SAFTY system for the  Palletizer.

Operation of the Palletizer by one Menu programable Microprocessor by attached Touch Screen including Memory for storing of Data and various previously programmed Menus.


Steel galvanized or Epoxi-Coated.