Machines for washing of various packings like cans, glass jars, plastic and alu-trays as well as bottles.

Before final processing and packaging most single packings must be washed/cleaned and dried before labelling and cantonizing/shrink-wrapping.

DANA-Technology is designing, manufacturing and installing machinery for this purpose.

Possibility for more lanes inside the washing machine in order to achieve longer washing/air-blasting time for different packings.

Removal of surplus water from the packing by means of high pressure air-knives strategical placed in the air-blasting section.

Machinery equipped with:

  • High pressure pump
  • Spray pipe incl. nozzles
  • Static water filtration
  • Steam- or electrical heated versions
  • High pressure air knives for water removal
  • Simple aces to all parts of machine for easy cleaning

Machines for various type of products as well as different packing speed available.