Rotary Disc Texturizer – RDT

Discover the groundbreaking innovation from DANA Technology that has transformed the culinary landscape. Over the past year, we have pioneered a revolutionary process capable of metamorphosing emulsified meat into a remarkable textured fibrous product reminiscent of meat. This extraordinary feat is achieved through the artful coagulation of proteins and potential carbohydrate sources, meticulously orchestrated by the harmonious interplay of mechanical rotation and thermal energy.

Introducing the Rotary Disc Texturizer, a technological marvel built upon the bedrock of pressing, rotating, turning, and heating principles. Our ingenious approach involves infusing mechanical vigor and thermal precision into meat emulsions, inducing protein coagulation and potential carbohydrate fusion.

A diverse array of raw materials becomes the canvas for this culinary masterpiece:

  • Poultry Meat, Pork, Beef, and Fish
  • Machine-Separated Meat and Prime Cut-offs

The ROTARY TEXTURIZER heralds a new epoch in food production, delivering a seismic shift marked by unparalleled effectiveness, unwavering reliability, and aesthetic elegance. But that’s just the beginning—our technology bestows a multitude of advantages upon your culinary journey, transcending traditional processing methods:

• Evoke a Unique Bite & Mouth-feel

• Bask in the Glow of Low Operating Costs

• Revel in the Natural Meat Appearance

• Align with Documented Cooking Temperatures

• Swiftly Navigate Fast Production Times

• Embrace Effortless Maintenance & Cleaning

• Indulge in Authentic Meat Texture, Elasticity & Fibrosity