For meat mix to steamcooking- and cooling tunnel

Capacity:      From 500 kg/h to 2.000 kg/h by Duplex operation.

Model:           EXT 88/490 equipped with product tank.

Each Extruder/Product Distributor includes:

  • Overhead product tank of app. 30 Liter
  • A number of Sprocket Units with central motorized gear drive for feeding of product through the Matrice/Mould down to the cooking belting.
  • Easy removeable Matrice/Mould for different product string number and size/dimension.
  • Standard Matrice/Mould with a number of round/oval/square holes for product size of 5 mm up to 25 mm in diameter.
  • Level detection of product volume in tank – min/max. connected to electrical control equipment.
  • Adjustable product feeding by means of frequency inverter connection with possibility of product size/dimension variation during operation.
  • Extruder/Product distributor equipped with sliding/wheel for removal into cleaning position – outside cooking belt area. Due to this very easy disassembly and sanitation of machines.


Complete programable push-button keyboard to microprocessor with digital Display. Integrated mechanical as well as electrical SAFETY system of the Extruder / product

Operation of the Extruder / Product Distributor by one Menu programable Microprocessor by attached Touch Screen including Memory for storing of Data and various previously programmed Menus.


Extruder/Product Distributor is manufactured complete in stainless steel and/or food approved plastic-components