DANA – TECHNOLOGY | Our core Values


The interest in reliable technology – good solutions and the pride in our work is the foundation of DANA-Technology.
Behind the company stands a group of persons who each can muster between 15 to 50 years of work with the food industry.


DANA-Technology ApS is a technologically innovative company focusing on the development of machinery and equipment within FOOD AND PET FOOD INDUSTRY.
The company works with Automation and ROBOT solutions in both the production- as well as in packaging sector.

In parallel with the above, the company develops dehumidification equipment for use in the horticultural industry, electronically measuring equipment for AQUA Fishfarming and electronic “Load cell” components to be Included in crane and lifting equipment worldwide.

Based on the great knowledge by the staff, DANA Technology offers companies Project consultancy incl. preparation of complete Layout works for new technology production lines within Food and Pet Food industry for both newly started and existing companies at home and abroad.

Dana-Technology wishes to participate in the rapid technological development that takes place in Food and Pet Food branch by being the preferred supplier of robotics and automation equipment.


DANA-Technology ApS has the goal of:


Østerbro 4
DK-5690 Tommerup


Enter into long strategic cooperation with our customers.


Be involved in our clients long term future plans.


Create value for our customers through the delivery of efficient, reliable and innovative technologically-developed equipment.


Be known both at home and abroad, as a company with new innovative ideas that create trendsetting and innovative equipment.


Expand the company’s exports through effective cooperation with agents and collaborators who “burn” to Market and Sell equipment from DANA-Technology ApS.


Creating a company covered by the words – talent, skill, honesty and seriousness, for both customers, employees and collaborators.


DANA-Technology ApS has a vision of becoming one of the leaders of:

  • Delivering of value-added equipment to our customers
  • Design/Construction of equipment with high production efficiency
  • Equipment known for simplicity and high operational safety
  • Rationalization and efficiency in design and drawing up of new project plans
  • Serious and durable solutions with advice about new production equipment,  underlining – always promise what we know can be delived.
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