Steam Peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

Steam Peeler System – Model DANA- is designed in a number of sizes depending on capacity.


Potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables.


Up to 10 t/h input raw material based on potatoes, corresponding to approx. 7.5-8 t/h finished product (depends on the quality of the raw material) with a steam exposure time of 20 seconds.


Steam peeler type:

Steam Peeler Model 600 DANA

Please note that the mentioned capacity is based on potatoes, and with a steam exposure time of 20 seconds the potatoes must be of a fairly good quality, i.e. at the end of the season it will be difficult to reach the highest output of final product. The same conditions will apply for other root vegetables.


  • From the bulk screw elevator a pre-set product quantity is discharged into the steam pressure vessel.
  • The pressure vessel is made of mild steel and mounted on two reinforced shafts welded onto it. One shaft is hollow for steam injection into vessel as well as for steam release to exhaust pipe vessel.
  • The door is hinged to avoid direct product contact with closing mechanism. Door control by pneumatic cylinder mounted on the outside.
  • The door inside the vessel ensures minimum wear and tear of gaskets etc. caused by dirt, peels, etc. Consequently, the unit has proven to imply very low main­tenance and servicing costs.
  • The pressure vessel is rotated, the door automatically opened, and the product is discharged into the accumulation discharge screw hopper feeding the line.
  • When the peeler has discharged the peeled product, and the vessel is positioned in loading position, product is fed again from the bulk screw elevator.


  • Covers in stainless steel.
  • Vessel in mild steel H2.
  • Rotary steam pressure vessel in heavy duty steel boiler plate.
  • Pressure vessel is mounted on a heavy support with platform/walkway all around the machine for easy cleaning. One staircase incl. handrails.
  • The steam peeler vessel is equipped with a fully automatic steam intake and exhaust piping with large openings for immediate steam injection as well as exhaust into the open to ensure excellent peeling results.
  • Heavy drive unit for positioning the rotary steam pressure vessel in filling or discharge position.

Technical Data:

  • Vessel volume                          600  l
  • Filling volume hard fruits       400 l
  • Filling weight approx.             490 kg with potatoes
  • Filling opening NW                  400 mm
  • Peeling capacity approx.        10 t/h (based on potatoes)
  • Steam consumption                750 kg/h
  • Max. steam pressure              15 bar
  • Steam connection I NW          50
  • Steam connection II NW         65
  • Steam outlet NW                     100
  • Power                                        1.5 kW
  • Water consumption                500 l/h at 5 bar
  • Air consumption                      40 l/min. at 8 bar

Control Panel:

For the steam peeler including one digital touch panel connected to one micro-processor PLC with complete menu based software program. The panel includes:

  • Push buttons with lamp indicators.
  • Motor contactors/safety switches.
  • High and low voltage distribution system.
  • Microprocessor with data input terminal for up to 99 menus.
  • New process parameter input availability.
  • Process parameter display.
  • Process parameter output to printer (printer not included).
  • Temperature indication instrument.

All parameters, such as time each cycle, temperature, pressure, number of peeler rotations, speed, and in-/outlet times can be individually programmed.