For cleaning / washing of potatoes and other roots.

For washing and cleaning of root products before further processing.

As the Drum is submerged into water the product will be brought forward by internal low screw wings welded inside of the drum to the discharge area where a number of fixed collection flights will pick up the washed product to be discharge on an angled chute/slide out of the machine.

The rotary drum is receiving and discharging product continuously.


Model/Type: 1200 1500
Drum Diameter: 1.200 mm 1.500 mm
Drum length: from 1.500 mm to 3.000 mm
Infeed Height: 2.000 mm 2.000 mm
Discharge Height: 1.200 mm 1.200 mm


  • Very good cleaning/washing of root products – even by large capacities.
  • Sand/soil/gravel as well as root separated particles can be removed automatically by means of a robust pump pumping the soil/gravel into a rotary filter placed side by side of the washing machine.


From 3.000 kg/h to 15.000 kg/h.


  • Drum, frame, water-buffer tank and all parts manufactured in stainless steel to ensure good pre-cleaning/washing of products before further processing.
  • The machine is equipped with:
    – Infeed funnel
    – Discharge chute/slide
  • The perforated drum is placed into two toothed belts connected to one thoroughgoing overhead placed shaft equipped with two driving wheels.
  • The perforated drum designed in sections of app. 1.000 mm can be ordered with different perforation depending on product.
  • One water buffer tank with one adjustable overflow pipe-outlet as well as angled bottom leading to one side with one manual cleaning trap/door.
  • Rotary drum inside equipped with one pipe with spray nozzles to add fresh “make up” water during operation.


  • One gearmotor for rotating of the washing drum.
  • Rotating drum speed possible against extra cost by means of connection to a frequency inverter.